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Who is Richard Soos?
An American composer and public school teacher now living in Sabinal, Texas, and specializing in setting other people's poems to music.

New CD?

Released: Spring 2006
Label: Independent
In a nutshell: Eighteen good tracks including two written by Davide Ravera.

Song titles:
1. Back On My Feet Again
2. High Lonesome Blues
3. Maggie Mae
4. Outlaw Lovin
5. Fiddle
6. Old Guitarslisten
(Written by Davide Ravera.)
7. 21st Century Trap
8. Too Many Women
9. Fallin'
10. Feels Like Home
11. Gentle Woman (Walk Away)
12. Comin' Home To Play
13. Fiddle Player
14. Dance Of Love
15. The Call
16. Gypsy Drivers On The Roadlisten
(Written by Davide Ravera.)
17. Deep In My Bones
18. Maggie May (bit)
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How to order?
E-mail Richard Soos
and/or snail mail
$10 American to:
Richard Soos
PO Box 1257
Sabinal, TX 78881

~~~~~~~The Richard Soos Blogs~~~~~~~
Visiting The Thoughts Of Yet One More Person:
Meanderings of an introverted dancer - a public school teacher
with thoughts on music, politics, and life in the hills.

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TRAIN OF LOVE: cover of cd by Richard Soos The 16 songs on TRAIN OF LOVE were written by five different writers: Tony Moffeit, Connie Van Matre, Samuel Schraeger, James Marvelle, and Steve Keonig. All the music was composed and performed by Richard Soos. It's a fun album and will give you a good idea of the variety of music that Richard can compose and/or arrange for you.
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